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grup untuk sesama warga chinese di Indonesia dimana pun berada demi membina persahabatan dan kekerabatan

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 DRAGON NEST SEA masuk sini

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PostSubyek: DRAGON NEST SEA masuk sini   Wed Jul 27, 2011 6:02 pm

OBT tgl 16 agustus. Silahkan share IGN kalian disini

Terakhir diubah oleh landax tanggal Wed Aug 10, 2011 11:44 am, total 1 kali diubah
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PostSubyek: Re: DRAGON NEST SEA masuk sini   Wed Jul 27, 2011 6:09 pm

Skill System
Dragon Nest, each class has excellent skill, although complex, but the skill system can be described as a line...

Items System
Items System of Dragon Nest includes made, Enchant and decomposition (of course, buy from NPC is an important component part)...

Quest System
In Dragon Nest, various quests will guide players to move forward. Main quests will lead players to explore each dungeon and go deeper and deeper into the center of Dragon Nest World. A series of stories deriving from the beginning CG trailer will gradually open out in front of players along with main quests. What are covered behind the game world? Follow the main quests to find the answer...

PVP System
If you have tried the fighting system of Dragon Nest, you must eagerly look forward to its PVP system. This weekend I spent a few hours in its Areana( PVP Syytem for Draon Nest) and now I will make a brief introduction for you.
When you reach LV10, you can enjoy the PVP in Dragon Nest! For PVP, you need to go to the Arena! The Arena is separated from normal cities, where you could only enter from the Channel List...

Arena System
Dragon Nest's arena is not a paradise exclusive for high-level players. Players of all levels and classes with different manipulation levels are able to have fun there. A specially designed balance system will keep the attributes of both sides in equilibrium and in this way veterans and newbies have a chance to battle it out in a fair circumstance...

Guild System
You need companions in game, right? So why not join a guild, or even create a guild?

Actually the guild system has nothing special, but it's still in beta test, so I hope there will be more features after its final release...

Master / Apprentice System
Whats the Master / Apprentice system, how does it works?
Level 30+ players can take level 30- players as their apprentices. Apprentices will level up more easily together with their masters. In the meantime both will receive rewards as their apprentices grow up. (around every ~5 lvls)...

Auction House System
Most of the time you will get weapons, armors of other classes, since there are no personal shop in DN, you need to do the trade via Auction House...

Achievement System
It has been nearly 300 achievements in Dragon Nest, covers almost every aspect of the game: the role growing, travel adventure, complete mission... Everyone can find pleasure here...

Fashion System
Dragon valley as a fantasy adventure game, put in action, equipped for yourself, at the same time you can also choose a different style of fashion...

Fatigue System * (Except NA Version)
Fatigue system is created to prevent players from long time gaming...

World System
The field of MMORPG Game is very wide in directly, and Casual Game, not romantic feeling for battle, Dragon Nest has the unique concept in the two kinds system. When players go out the town to the outside world, they will find some entrance to instance space. Each battle field are behind a entry. But low level, go into the battlefield is not allowed...

Mount System
Mount system can be used for farm mode and many other modes except arena and instance...

Title System
You can get some Title if you satisfy certain conditions. And the title can ascending attribute of players. Now, list Some Title...

Enchant System
Weapons and armor can be enchanted but earring, necklace, ring are not. According the level of items you want enchant prepare enough and right gems then give them to the NPC who can aggrandizement...

Heraldry System
Press the C key or click on a corresponding button in the game interface to open the character info panel. Have you noticed a slot for heraldry at the bottom right of the panel?...

Resurrection System
Fight in instance certainly will be dead sometimes, here we come to introduce the resurrection of the death role, two props: Book of life and Goddess Guardian...

Weather System
Starry sky, cool air, mingled with freedom, we didn't look at the vast sky for a long time. Make a wish when the Meteor across...

Crest System
Dragon Nest does not fail to deliver us more interesting ways to improve your character. Crest is another of many, yet unique ways to improve your character. Your characters have many Crest slots that are unlocked as they level up...

Zombie Mode
Create a character after logging into the game. Four classes are playable, including warrior, archer, cleric and sorceress, each with its own features and developmental direction...

Badge Making System
Open the guild management page to find badge option:

Hidden Potential System
In Dragon Nest, we are introduced to a system which uncovers the hidden potential of your equipment. You might be more familiar with another system called 'Enchanting', this is essentially what the Hidden Potential system is about...

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PostSubyek: Re: DRAGON NEST SEA masuk sini   Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:43 pm

Hmmm kita punya juga ga ada Fatigue kok ada nya ABP n tanpa ABP pun bs Hunt pengalaman dr cbt mengatakan exp quest lebih gede drpd exp dungeon jd ini questing ~_~
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PostSubyek: Re: DRAGON NEST SEA masuk sini   Sun Aug 28, 2011 5:49 pm

yg maen siapa aja sii...


*OBJECTION!* Ms. Hart! Were you REALLY looking at that boat!?
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PostSubyek: Re: DRAGON NEST SEA masuk sini   Mon Sep 26, 2011 6:26 pm

wah saya main yg internasional nya e..hehe...
server westwood nick exorcisto7..hehe
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DRAGON NEST SEA masuk sini

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