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 量詞 liàngcí(kata satuan dalam mandarin)

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PostSubyek: 量詞 liàngcí(kata satuan dalam mandarin)    Thu Aug 18, 2011 1:26 am

setiap benda masing2 punya kata satuan
dulu pas ane awal2 belajar mandarin smua ane sbut satu buah nasi jadi yi ge fan(一個飯), 3 buahkopi(三個咖啡)
ga salah sih namun lebih baik juga klo kita blajar satuan masing2 benda tersebut
satu mangkok nasi (一碗飯) dan 3 gelas kopi (三杯咖啡) terdengar lebih enak bukan?
berikut kata2 satuan dalam bahasa mandarin:

班 bān baan1 scheduled services (trains 火車/火车, etc.), group of people 人, a class as in pupils 學生/学生

幫 帮 bāng "group", "gang" (bandits 匪徒, children 孩子 )

包 bāo baau1 "package", "bundle" (cookies 餅乾/饼干, cigarettes 香煙/香烟)

杯 bēi bui1 "cup" — liquids (water 水)

輩 辈 bèi "generation", "lifetime" (people 人)

筆 笔 bǐ bat1 large quantities of money (money 錢/钱, funds 資金/资金)

串 chuàn sets of numbers; or something that comes in a string (e.g. 號碼/号码: "a string of numbers"; 珍珠頸鏈/项链: "pearl
necklace"; 葡萄: "a bunch of grapes"), objects on a skewer/stick (kebabs, satays)

床 chuáng chong4 "bed" — blankets 毯子, sheets

次 cì chi3 "time" — opportunities 機會/机会, accidents 事故

袋 dài doi6 "bag" — sackfuls, pouchfuls, bagfuls, pocketfuls — flour 麵粉/面粉

道 dào dou6 linear projections (light rays 亮光, etc.), orders given by an authority figure 命令, courses (of food) 點心/点心, walls and
doors 門/门, questions 題/题, number of times (for certain procedures) 工序

滴 dī dik6 "droplet" water 水, blood 鮮血/鲜血, other such fluids

點 点 diǎn dim2 ideas 意見/意见, suggestions, can also mean "a bit" (often used to denote amount) — courage 膽量/胆量

段 duàn dyun6 "adjoining length" — cables 電線/电线, roadways 路, a part in a drama, play etc. 臺詞/台词

堆 duī deui3 "pile", "mass" — trash 垃圾, sand 沙子

對 对 duì deui3 "couple" — people 人, "pair" (for certain things only) earrings 耳環/耳环, couplets; Cantonese only: pair of objects
which naturally come in pairs (e.g. chopsticks 筷子, shoes 鞋, etc.)

頓 顿 dùn deun6 meals 飯/饭

份 fèn fan6 portions, copies — newspapers 報紙/报纸, notarized document 公證/公证, contract 合同

服 fú fuk6 "dose" — (Chinese) medicine

副 fù fu3 objects which come in pairs (gloves 手套, etc.) also for spectacles/glasses 眼鏡/眼镜, a pack of cards 牌, mahjong 麻將/麻将

股 gǔ gu2 flows (of air 氣/气, smell 香味, influence 潮流)....

嚿 gau6 (Cantonese only) "piece of", "chunk of" — rock, soap, ginger, charcoal, rice, etc.

管 guǎn "tube" — toothpaste and things that comes in tubes — toothpaste 牙膏

罐 guàn Small to medium cans of soda, of juice, bottles of water, cans of food...

行 háng hong4 "row" — objects which form lines (words 詞/词, etc.). — 行 is also read xíng, see below.
盒 hé hap6 "small box" — e.g. tape, foods

戶/户 户 hù wu6 households (户 is common in handwritten Traditional Chinese) — household 人家

壺 壶 hú pot — tea 茶
伙 huǒ fo2 generally derogatory classifier for bands of people such as gangs or hoodlums (匪徒)

劑 剂 jì dose (medicine 藥/药)

家 jiā ga1 gathering of people (families 人家, companies 公司, etc.), establishments (shops 商店, restaurants 酒店, hotels 飯店/饭店)

件 jiàn gin6 matters (affairs 事情), clothing 衣裳, etc.

節 节 jié jit3 "section" — of bamboo 竹子, etc.; a class period at school 課/课; batteries (that look like a section of bamboo): "兩節電池。"

句 jù geui3 lines, sentences, etc. — sentence 話/话, English 英語/英语

塊 块 kuài faai3 "chunk", "lump", "piece" — land 地, stones 石頭/石头, etc.; cake 蛋糕 (piece/slice), bread (not slices) 麵包/面包, "dollar" 錢/钱

倆 俩 liǎ sometimes used informally instead of 两个 (liǎng ge), to mean "two" (especially two things or people that are close to one another)

縷 缕 lǚ (strand/slither of) hair, smoke 煙/烟, wind 風/风

排 pái paai4 "row" — objects grouped in rows (chairs 座位, etc)

批 pī pai1 (a large amount of) people 人, goods 商品, etc.

期 qī kei4 (issues of) periodicals 雜誌/杂志

群 qún kwan4 "group" (incl. people 人), "herd" — students 學生/学生, birds 鳥/鸟

仨 sā sometimes used informally instead of 三个 to mean "three", "three of"

束 shù chuk1 "bundle", for flowers 花, light, etc.

雙 双 shuāng seung1 pair of objects which naturally come in pairs (e.g. chopsticks 筷子, shoes 鞋, etc.)

套 tào tou3 "set" — books 書/书, magazines, collectibles, clothes 衣裳, etc

碗 wǎn wun2 "bowl" — soup 湯/汤, rice 米飯/米饭, congee 粥

些 xiē "some" — general massifier. Only used in the form 一些.

行 xíng groups of people traveling together, such as a trade commission or diplomats and aides visiting a foreign country: "国王一
行人离开巴黎后十分兴奋" (having left Paris, the king and retinue were enthused). Note: almost only used in the form 一行人. — 行 is also read háng, see above.

帀 匝 zā number of revolutions, times to go around

陣 阵 zhèn jan6 "gust", "burst" — events with short durations (e.g. lightning storms, gusts of wind 風/风, etc.)

隻 只 zhī jek3 one of a pair (hands 手, legs); animals (birds 鸟, cats 貓/猫, etc.)

注 zhù "bet" — lottery 彩票

組 组 zǔ jou2 sets, rows, series, group of people 人, batteries 電池/电池 (military)
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PostSubyek: Re: 量詞 liàngcí(kata satuan dalam mandarin)    Sun Aug 28, 2011 10:19 pm

gw kemaren mau post ini bung, kalo istilah reminya "Measure Words"
cuman kemaren gw blm dapet bahan yg lengkap..
tar kalo sempat gw bantu rapiin y

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量詞 liàngcí(kata satuan dalam mandarin)

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